Karl Jackson

Licensed Massage Therapist. LMT #6399

Karl has been doing massages longer than any other therapist at the Athletic Club of Bend.

He enjoys tending to his hobby ranch raising cows, chickens and horses, as well as growing and eating healthy food. You can find Karl at the cycle-cross event every fall in Bend. He enjoys road and mountain biking, yoga, Square and Contra dancing and exploring alternative health modalities.

Karl was drawn to body work at an early age and has been doing massages all his adult life. He became a Rolfer over 18 years ago and believes deeply in the work he does to transform bodies and lives. He is truly gifted and deeply committed to his Rolfing work and has been a certified Advanced Rolfer for many years. He swears that 10 sessions of his Rolfing will make a body pain free. 

What is Rolfing?

Rolfing® Structural Integration focuses on the fascia which surrounds muscles and organs, protecting them and holding them in place. Due to injury, poor posture or repetitive movement, this fascia often times holds the body in uncomfortable positions creating chronic pain, weakness, deformities, etc. It is in the stretching and releasing of this protective layer that lasting change to posture, joint alignment, strength and balance occurs. Rolfing Structural Integration gets its' name from Ida Rolf who was one of the pioneers of myo-fascial release and began teaching her powerful technique to practitioners back in 1971. 

Karl specializes in dealing with chronic pain and deep tissue issues he is willing to work with any client to find relief with his deep tissue massage work. He has the uncanny ability to know exactly what a body needs for balance and comfort. He is careful to understand what it is a client wants from a therapeutic massage session and the knowledge and ability to deliver to his clients. Other specialties include Cranial Sacral and Myo-Fascial Release.

Karl can provide improvement to performance at a particular sport or find relief for sore muscles caused by playing that sport. He can offer non-invasive support with disorders such as migraines, TMJ and issues with hip, knee, back, neck and shoulder areas, besides finding relief with chronic pain and stiffness. When a client is feeling stressed Karl can help them let go and relax!