Become a Member at The Athletic Club of Bend Today

The Athletic Club of Bend offers a variety of single, family and tennis memberships. For further information on our membership programs, or to set up an appointment for a tour of the Club, please contact our membership team by email or call 541-385-3062. If you are currently a member and have questions about your membership, please contact Terri in Administration.

full membership

Full membership provides unlimited use of all facilities on a year-round basis. The specific types offered are Individual, Couple, and Family and they are each available in tennis or non-tennis format. Full memberships are billed monthly in the form of dues and there is no long-term obligation, however; a one-time initiation fee is required. 

Individual: One person 16 years of age and older. 

Couple: Two persons 16 years of age and older sharing the same household. 

Family: Two adults and their dependent children between the ages of 6 years and 20 years. Family membership include up to 3 hours of childcare in Kids in Action care per day.

limited use young professional membership

This membership type is for Individuals or Couples between the ages of 16 and 33 years, Young Professional members have access to all facilities on a year round basis with limited check in hours. The accounts are billed monthly and there is no long term obligation.

Temporary Membership

This membership type is for the person that is here for a short time on business or vacation, or just wanting to use the Club on a short term basis. Temporary memberships are based on the number of weeks that you would like to be a member: 4 weeks is the minimum and 16 is the max. All fees are paid up-front and there are no monthly dues, memberships automatically expire at the end of the term. Like full memberships, "temp" memberships are available in Individual, Couple, or Family formats. 

Non-Resident Membership

For the person who visits the area infrequently we provide a membership that is based on the number of visits. This type of membership is popular with people who have second homes in the area. For an up-front annual fee, Individuals, Couples and Families may use the Club up to 50 times during any twelve-month period. 

Leave of Absence and Medical Freeze

For those with full memberships that will be traveling out of the area for extended periods of time (minimum one month) you may place your membership on a "leave of absence" status which allows you to maintain your membership while only paying 50% of your dues. In the case of an injury or illness that may render you incapable of enjoying the Club, we offer a "Medical Freeze" status which allows you to maintain your membership without paying monthly dues for a period of time. Documentation from a Physician is required.  There is a maximum 90 days for a medical freeze unless a new doctor note is provided. 

Work Freeze

For those with full memberships who are being taken out of the area due to employment, you can put your membership on hold at zero dues. You must provide a signed letter on company letterhead to take advantage of this type of freeze. The maximum time allowed for a work freeze is one year with the minimum being 30 days.