Mural Contest - Be Featured at ACB

Love benD? Love tennis? want to showcase your creative side?

Paint at ACB!


This contest was created to provide a space for artists of all ages and levels expertise to share their talents, show positive collaboration and use it all to beautify a piece of our beloved Athletic Club of Bend. This project aims to promote artist exposure and community involvement through the beautification of our tennis facility. The Artist who is selected to paint their design will be donating their time and talent to this collaboration.


  • The space allocated is where our current tennis seating area is located.

  • Each submission must be at least 2’ tall x 3’ wide

  • All submissions must be creative, original art and the Artist must have the capacity to paint the design themselves on a larger scale for the mural. 

  • The submission should be Tennis/Bend themed and can be abstract or lifelike; your 2’x3’ submission must embody it.

  • Usage of the 4 grand slam center courts a bonus! (French open, Wimbledon, US Open, Australian Open)

  • Due date for submissions is November 1, 2019, and all artwork must be turned into the front desk.

  • Local news (KTVZ) will be covering the contest and the final project!


  • The ACB Selection team will collectively decide on the mural that best fits our tennis/bend theme.

  • They will also pick 1 “Honorable Mention” in case the original chosen participants aren’t able to see the project through.



  • The building owner will keep the mural for a minimum of 1 year but retains the rights to remove the art at any time.

  • Building owner and all parties involved in the promotion retain rights to use art painted for promotional material, both printed and digital.



  • ACB will...

    • Prep the area, power wash + primer in white

  • As artist, you’re responsible for...

    • Paint, primer, brushes, specialty brushes, paint rollers, sponges, or stippling brushes for certain painting techniques.

    • The artist must be prepared with the right equipment - Paint, primer, brushes, specialty brushes, paint rollers, sponges, or stippling brushes for certain painting techniques.

    • Note to the artist that that are responsible to providing their own equipment – hats, umbrellas, water, chairs - Everything they need to successfully/ and comfortably complete the work will be on them.

    • This project is likely to get messy, aprons and goggles are also a good idea to have.



  • Release of liability

    • Artists will be required to sign a release of liability to start any work.

  • ACB Prep

    • ACB will be responsible for cleaning and prepping the surface, spackling any cracks, and walls will be primed with white primer paint


  • Schedule

    • Artist will work directly with ACB to establish a timeline for painting the mural.

    • Once selected, artist has three weeks to complete painting.



  • Artists must have experience in this process or understand the right steps of scaling a small drawing to the mural space.

    • One technique is to divide the smaller design and the wall into proportional grids (Via Arte style).

      • Painting the image one square at a time is much easier than trying to transfer the whole entire thing all at once.

    • Another technique is to invest in an artist’s projector, which will display the design directly on to the wall surface.

    • Regardless of which method, it’s important to frequently step back and view the painting from a distance.

    • Even though minor mistakes can be fixed or touched up, they can be caught early or even prevented altogether by periodically looking at the big picture.


Questions + Submissions are to be sent directly to