Self Defense with Ryan Clark, from Clark's University of Martial Arts


You’re in a situation where confrontation is unavoidable. Maybe you’re at the ATM and someone approaches you with a weapon, or you’re at dinner with your spouse and child and a drunken assailant brings confrontation to you. Are you going to know what to do if you have to physically defend yourself or a family member? You have no control over who will attack you, where you’ll be, or when you will be attacked. None of us want to have a situation like this, but sometimes it’s unavoidable.

In this workshop you will learn how to work with your body, sticks and knifes for self defense. Open to women and men, we encourage you to sign up with a friend. The course will be educational, also include fitness training and most of all fun.

For more information please email Ryan Levering: OR sign-up at the Front Desk today.

Begins Wednesdays february 1st / End wednesday february 22nd /6pm-7:30pm

Member Cost: $70

Non-member cost: $99