Ashley Duffus

LMT #21583

Ashley has been practicing massage for almost four years,  and is enthusiastic about helping people feel their best. She's particularly drawn to deep tissue and treatment work, but utilizes a holistic approach to maximize positive results. She also practices reflexology, trigger point therapy, as well as some acupressure, stretching and myofascial techniques and aromatherapy Because of her active lifestyle that she began at a young age, Ashley understands the aches and pains that come with a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. She thoroughly enjoys helping people find relief from chronic issues, neck and low back pain are two of her specialties. She regularly recommends self-care homework, for people who wish to take their healing to another level! Ashley is extremely personable and enjoys working with people, not just their bodies. 

Ashley completed her massage training at Whatcom Community College in Bellingham Washington in 2013 and relocated back to Bend in summer of 2015. She enjoys skiing, snowbobiling, yoga, biking and swimming and her dog Jasper is always tagging along with her.