ACB Group Cleanse


Cleanse Information Session: Sunday, September 21, 5:30 PM in the Mind/Body Room.

 Cleanse Dates: September 21 - October 11

Cost of Cleanse: $70 for members, $90 for nonmembers



1. Weekly Support Group Meetings on Tuesdays from 5:30 to 7:00 PM

2. Online Group Support via daily inspirational emails and an online cleanse community



Laughing Planet Food

The food is a separate price, and is completely optional.  If you do not want to make cleanse meals, you can pay to have Laughing Planet make your meals.  Price is $360 for the entire three weeks, or $150 per week if you only want one or two weeks of food.  This amount will be paid directly to Laughing Planet, and food will be picked up there twice a week.  Each pick up will have three soups and three lunch meals.



 Adrian Kettering

Adrian grew up in West Linn, OR and went to Duke University to play collegiate volleyball. ­­­­ She practiced yoga after graduating from college and traveling to Finland where she played professional volleyball for a year. She has lived and practiced yoga in New York, Boulder, Seoul, Seattle and Morgantown.  She became a certified Vinyasa Yoga Instructor and a Certified Fitness Instructor in 2003, a Certified Childrens’ Yoga Instructor in 2007, and a Certified Health Coach in 2013.  In 2013 she moved to Bend with her two sons and husband.  She is thankful to the numerous teachers under whom she has practiced, including Seane Corn, Stephanie Keach, John Friend, Dean Lerner, Desiree Rumbaugh, Jason Crandall and others.  Adrian’s Vinyasa Flow classes are challenging and invigorating, while also encouraging joy, freedom and peace.

 Susan Hall

 Bridget Evans

Bridget Evans is a mother, writer and inquiry based teacher. She believes that the path of yoga, meditation and inquiry based practices create health in the body and harmony in the mind. She has taught yoga here in Bend for the past ten years and facilitates inquiry based teaching workshops nationally. Her husband, children and animals are the biggest teachers in her life, and she is a lifelong student of using her breath to find acceptance in this moment and live from her heart. 

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