Athletic Club of Bend
Wednesday, September 2, 2015

10 Things to think about when joining a health club.

  1. Location – ACB is 10 minutes from virtually anywhere in Bend and conveniently positioned on the west side of town, on your way to Mt. Bachelor, and a few hundred yards from the beautiful Deschutes River Trail.
  2. Reputation – Current and former members alike can attest to our reputation for providing exceptional service, in a safe and welcoming environment since 1992!
  3. Cleanliness – Attention to cleanliness is one of our highest priorities. We obtain this goal by having around the clock in-house cleaning attendants. When you are walking around or working out at the club, notice the machines are clean and the floors are swept.
  4. Classes – The Club offers over 90 classes per week, from cutting edge to traditional, taught by experienced, dynamic and creative staff. Our trainers and instructors are all certified by national and regional organizations.
  5. Staff – Bar none, we have the friendliest, most welcoming and experienced staff in the industry. ACB employs over 200 locals. Many who have been with us for over 10 years!
  6. Little Details – Towels, lotion, hairdryers, beautiful green spaces, pool side beverage service, a book exchange, daily newspapers, complementary locks and receivers, on site massage therapists, a hair salon, wireless access in our café, even an on-site Mt. Bike Trail circling our 18 acre piece of property.
  7. Cost vs. Value – Rather than judging a club by cost, look at the VALUE you will get from the particular club. For example: a private yoga studio typically charges around $15 for a yoga class per visit! At the Athletic Club of Bend all classes -strength/conditioning, yoga, Pilates, spin, pool usage (indoor and outdoor), court sports-(racquetball, basketball, squash), weights, cardio, rock wall, indoor track, lockers, towels, sauna, and steam are included with all memberships.
  8. Trial Membership - Come check out the club during your preferred hours. Get a feel for the type of friendly members who work out here. You’ll probably even bump into someone you know. Experience what has brought so many to the ACB.
  9. Safe environment – Rest assured, we have on site 2 AED machines and multiple oxygen tanks. There is always a manager on duty trained as a certified professional rescuer in CPR/AED and first aid. Over 85% of our 200 employee population, are trained in basic CPR.
  10. Community- We are a local company dedicated to the community, not a chain. We have local employees. Throughout the year, ACB hosts a variety of events such as concerts, expos, auctions, pool parties and events for our local schools, and non profits. Each year we budget to give back to our community in countless ways.

The Athletic Club of Bend offers a variety of single, family and tennis memberships.   For further information on our membership programs, or to set up an appointment for a tour of the Club, please contact Membership by email or call 541-322-5803.  If you are currently a member and have questions about your membership, please contact
Brenda in Administration.

Special Membership Now Offered:  Young Professional for ages 18 through 33!!!  Call Tammy for more information.

Full Membership
Full membership provides unlimited use of all facilities on a year-round basis. The specific types offered are Individual, Couple, and Family and they are each available in tennis or non-tennis format. Full memberships are billed monthly in the form of dues and there is no long-term obligation, however; a one-time initiation fee is required. Full memberships also include in-house charging privileges at the pro-shop, cafe, restaurant and more.

Temporary Membership
For the person that is only here for a short time on business or vacation, or just wanting to use the Club on a seasonal basis, we do offer a temporary membership. Temporary memberships are available from a minumum of one month up to a maximum of 22 weeks. All fees are paid up-front and there are no monthly dues. Like full memberships, "temp" memberships are available in Individual, Couple, or Family formats.

For the person who visits the area infrequently we provide a membership that is based on the number of visits rather than a specific span of time. This type of membership is popular with people who have second homes in the area. For an up-front annual fee, Individuals, Couples and Families may use the Club up to 50 times during any twelve-month period. One's primary residence must be at least 50 miles from the Club in order to qualify for this membership type. In-house charging privileges are available for this type of membership.

Leave of Absence and Medical Freeze
For those with full memberships that will be traveling out of the area for extended periods of time (minimum one month) you may place your membership on a "leave of absence" status which allows you to maintain your membership while only paying 50% of your dues. In the case of an injury or illness that may render you incapable of enjoying the Club, we offer a "Medical Freeze" status which allows you to maintain your membership without paying monthly dues for a period of time. Documentation from a Physician is required. 

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